Not Your Average Wedding Planner...

Hello! I’m Rebecca, a certified planner with The Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada. I grew up sketching bridal wear and have enjoyed hosting lavish dinner parties and events for friends and family since I was a child, so when I had the idea to become a planner, I knew I had to go for it. I founded Champagne & Cedar after witnessing a family member’s wedding go awry and wishing I could have fixed it. 

I’m known for my tell-you-like-it-is approach, my creative eye for detail, and hyper-preparedness. You haven’t seen an event itinerary until you’ve seen mine! A true romantic at heart, I believe in the beauty of a lifelong marriage and in the significance of promising to share your life with someone. 

My purpose is to create a bespoke event experience that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.  

Favourite things: Iced coffee, travelling the world, fresh snowfall, abstract art, trying new food, and dancing with my husband.