Not Your Average Wedding Planner...

Champagne & Cedar is led by Creative Director Rebecca Holloway. Known for her tell-you-like-it-is approach, creative eye for detail, and hyper-preparedness, your wedding will be spectacular with her at your side. Rebecca grew up sketching wedding dresses and bridal wear and has enjoyed hosting lavish dinner parties and events for friends and family her entire life.

Past accolades include organizing the international environmental and law conference "As Long As the River Flows" for + 450 people (from the other side of the country, no less) with the Archbishop Reverend Desmond Tutu as the keynote speaker, and producing a highly acclaimed cabaret show, Fantasia. Rebecca and each of her assistants are certified with The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.

Pinterest doesn't plan weddings - but we at Champagne & Cedar do! Bring your ideas, your inspirations, your vision, and together we will develop them into something real and unforgettable.